Rhode Island Latino Arts

Dedicated to promoting, encouraging and preserving the art, history, heritage and cultures of the Latino communities of Rhode Island.

¿Que Pasa? | What’s Up?
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Welcome! The Rhode Island Latino Arts was founded in 1988 as the Hispanic Heritage Committee and today is Rhode Island’s leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development and cultivation of Latino arts, including the art, culture, history and heritage of Rhode Island Latinos.

We celebrate and promote Latino art & artists through our RI Latino Arts Networking events, and each year we coordinate the sharing of information and activities to celebrate
National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Through strategic partnering with local community organizations, including schools, libraries, museums and senior centers in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of our urban centers – we ensure our mission’s fulfillment:
To raise awareness and preserve Latino arts, heritage and cultures in Rhode Island and to build community pride.

❤︎ Volunteer | Wish List:
RILA is always looking for volunteers and donation of items for our various programs.
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 25118
Providence, RI 02905

Main Office Address:
393 Broad St. Suite 106
Providence, RI 02907
E-Mail: info@rilatinoarts.org

La Galería del Pueblo »
209 Central Ave.
Central Falls, RI 02863

Executive Director and
Oral Histories Project Director:
Marta V. Martínez

Student Research Assistants |
Cultural Preservation |
Latino History of Rhode Island:
Diana Figueroa
Rosalie Ramírez

RILA Board Members, click here »
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RILA is proud to be a Partner Organization.
Our main office is located
in the Southside Cultural Center.
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The Latino Oral History Project of RI (Nuestras Raíces) was started in 1991. It is Rhode Island’s first oral history project that celebrates the stories of our Hispanic pioneers. Our research is on-going and we are always looking for community stories to add to our collection. More »
ANNOUNCING: The 2018 Latino Books Month Nominees Click here »
Latino Books Month • RI Latinos Read Each year during the month of May, we encourage schools and libraries to participate in Latino Books Month. Young people can vote for their favorite bilingual book found on our list, and we promote Latino authors and illustrators as role models. We also offer an adult reading challenge.
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The first Spanish-English bilingual Rhode Tour app featuring RILA’s Nuestras Raíces was launched in June on 2015. Go here for more details »
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Nuestras Raíces • Community Pláticas | Conversations
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The Rhode Island Latino Arts Network (RILAN) is an initiative created by RILA to support, create and stimulate artistic activities and cultural interaction among Latino artists and non-Latinos. More »

Latino Artists Directory
The Latino Artists Directory is a listing of Rhode Island (and some neighboring New England states) Latino artists who are willing to share their art and traditions to a wider audience. Sign up if you are an artist, or see our list of local artists for your programs. More »

Latino Festivals & Events
A listing of events celebrating the art and culture of Rhode Island’s Latino community. Post your events or read what’s going on! More »

Cultural Groups and Community Resources
Visit this page for a listing of cultural groups and Latino organizations in RI More »

Hispanic Heritage Month »
National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15. HHCRI was founded with the purpose of celebrating RI's diverse Hispanic or Latino Heritage. It is our signature community project as we continue to join states around the country to coordinate events honoring Latino culture & heritage during these dates. To participate contact us. To list your event for Hispanic Heritage Month, go here.

NOTE: All events for Hispanic Heritage Month are listed on this website: www.hispanicheritageri.org
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