Rhode Island Latino Arts | Arte Latino de Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Latino Arts promotes, encourages and preserves the art, history, heritage and cultures of Latinos in Rhode Island.
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Would you like to support the mission of Rhode Island Latino Arts? Please consider making a donation. Your contributions will help us maintain this website — the only one of its kind in Rhode Island that provides the most comprehensive free cultural and educational information that features Latinos in the arts.
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We are a statewide organization based in Providence and Central Falls, acknowledges that we are on the traditional homelands of the Narragansett and Wampanoag peoples, the original stewards of the territory now called Rhode Island. We honor their ancestors, we offer our respect to the Elders past, present, and future, and recognize their continued existence and contributions to our society.
WE VALUE ALL ARTISTS: We believe every artist deserves respect for their work and should receive payment just as any laborer does. The arts are our connector when we can’t understand the other’s language. The arts have always, and will always be a very important part of the humanities.
Marta V. Martínez, Executive Director and Founder
OUR PLEDGE: In everything that we create and produce we will surround ourselves with a team that is 50 percent women and 85 percent of Latinx heritage. We challenge anyone out there, especially anyone who is in a position of power, to stand with us in solidarity and ensure that we embrace and lift up our community's diverse voices not just in our industry, but in all industries. In this moment of social unrest and change, in Rhode Island and throughout the country, our success as a community will be determined by our ability to live, work, and communicate with one another We urge everyone to choose inclusion.
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RILA is proud to be a recipient of the
2019 Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency.

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