Community Tamalada Cooking Demonstration

With a Read-Along of Gary Soto’s famous and beloved Mexican-American Christmas story

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Making Tamales is a family tradition and community ritual among Mexican, Mexican-American people that is also shared by a diverse mixture of Latin American cultures. The tradition of making tamales with extended families especially during the Christmas holidays can help develop a sense of unity and community, and breaks down borders and barriers between people and cultures.

This year, the gathering of families to make tamales during the holidays will be a welcome opportunity after the isolation that the pandemic may have caused the past year.
Join us for a Community Tamalada on Sat. December 11, 2021 from 4-5:30pm at La Galería del Pueblo.

Gather your children at home to enjoy a bilingual reading of Gary Soto’s famous and beloved Mexican-American Christmas story, Too Many Tamales. If you want your own copy, we have a limited number of books in Spanish at 50% discount (Hard Cover only) and English (Soft and Hard Cover available) Bilingual copies of the book are SOLD OUT. Click below to register and you will have the option of purchasing a book before you submit. NOTE: We cannot guarantee that you will receive the book in time for the event if you order after December 7, 2020.

We have six (6) copies of Growing Up With Tamales available (Hard Cover only)
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Afterwards, stay with us to learn how tamales are made and join us in making your own. We will also provide a recipe for champurrado, a traditional Mexican drink made of maize (corn meal) and Mexican chocolate that is perfect for cozy evenings during quarantine.

The event is FREE and open to all • Donations of any amount of your choice will be gratefully accepted.

Click below to sign up in advance. For questions, Click here
Scroll back up ⬆ to download a copy of ingredients, so you can have the ingredients to make your own tamales and champurrado.