Día de Los Muertos | Rhode Island

Nadie más muerto que el olvidado

Celebrated in México, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brasil, El Salvador — is a tradition all about celebrating life and remembering our deceased loved ones. November 1st and 2nd are considered to be the days where life on earth and life in the land of the dead come together. This is a time when the loved ones who have passed-on return symbolically to appreciate lifeʼs pleasures, such as eating, drinking and reuniting with their families here on earth.
Día de los Muertos recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience: a continuum with birth, childhood, and adulthood. On Día de los Muertos, the dead are also a part of our community, awakened from their eternal sleep to be in spirit with loved ones.
Ricardita Nieves | Date passed: Apr 21, 2020
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Madre mía te estraño demasiado.

Espero que este en la Gloria de Diós con Abela 🙏

Submitted by: Tina Nieves
David J. Beauchaine, Sr. | Date passed: Nov 28, 2006
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My dad was a funny, handsome, talented, and kind man. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t have something good to say about him. He was a wonderful husband and amazing father.

Every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of my fathers expression, in something my boys will say or do, and am so grateful that his legacy is still strong!

I pray that his soul is now pain free and he is in eternal peace. Fifteen years has gone way too quickly. You are so loved Bo!

Submitted by: Wendy Beauchain
Mario Silva | Date passed: September 29, 2019
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Wishing you were still with us, but we know you're watching down on us with a smile and a Bush Light. Until we meet again we'll be here missing you and thinking of you often.

Te Amo.

Submitted by: Caitlin Mendoza
Armida Elizabeth Arias | Date passed: January 24, 2021
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Mi abuela era mas como mamá para mi. Me hace falta todos los días. Tengo un hueco en mi corazón que nunca voy a poder llenar. Mi ángel para siempre.

Te extraño mucho, Mami.

Submitted by: Kristen Rosas
Frank Lampasi | Date passed: August 6, 2004
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I was blessed with the most amazing father in the world. Papa you are missed every day. We love you so much

Submitted by: Antoinette Belknap
Malcolm Spencer Brown | Date passed: November 3, 2021
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Submitted by: Melissa and Anne Neubauer and Larsen
Arnulfo Antonio | Date passed: March 11, 2020
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Submitted by: Jocelyn Antonio
Herminia Antonio Cruz | Date passed: Septeember 5, 2013
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Submitted by: Joselyn Antonio
Ricardo Zuniga | Date passed: January 1, 2019
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Richie, I can’t begin to tell you how much you are missed and how life has not been the same since you left us. You left a huge whole in all of our hearts. We love you and miss you every day Ricardito!

Submitted by: Jenni Vee
David Beauchaine Jr. | Date passed: October 11, 2022
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My beautiful brother — gone too soon!

Submitted by: Wendy Beauchaine

John Ryall "JR"

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Our brother, JR had moved to Rhode Island [from New York] because he was recovering from a stroke. He was in a Rehab facility in East Providence. It was one of the last facilities in Rhode Island to get COVID, and he was one of the last people there to get COVID. Unfortunately, he did not do well.

J.R. died in beginning of June, during the first surge. He was waiting to get assistance, but not long after he went there to get care, he got sick before we knew it!

He was an avid music fan, but "fan" doesn't do it justice. Beatles, Ramones, Punk Rock. He was also a Mets fan. He grew up and lived in New York's Long Island his whole life. He was very, very, kind, gentle, quiet and introverted.

Sgt. José Jimenez

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My Brother/ Mi Hermano: There is so much I wish to say as I think of you every day. You were the heart, soul and protector for me and mom. I always knew you were someone special that believed in giving your shirt off your back when someone was in need, and giving back to our community/church as an offering of thank you for shaping us into strong individuals.

The day I knew you were destined to protect our country was in high school. The way you stood proud to be in a JROTC uniform, and the moment you shared with mom your future plans. I know she was fearful like any parent, but she did not object because she was proud that you were following in all our uncles’ footsteps, as each uncle served in a different branch.

I miss the way we communicated as you were overseas. You watched me grow up through our E-Mail conversations and care packages of snacks and pictures of me and mom. It was hard, but it was the new norm to grow up with your loved one over E-Mail. The years passed you kept re-enlisting because you felt this is what you had always dreamed of doing: “protecting her (USA).”

When the day came and we heard the news, I didn’t want to believe it … I wish you were here to give us a big hug but I know we will always be together.

To My Hero, my guardian angel, my Brother
From your loving sister, Maritza R. (Jiménez) Luebbers
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