La Galería del Pueblo | The Village Gallery

Rhode Island's Only Latino Gallery & Cultural Hub

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La Galería del Pueblo • The Village Gallery is Rhode Island's only Latino based non-profit cooperative art and cultural gallery, located in the quaint and vibrant shopping district of Pawtuxet Village.

La Galería del Pueblo is a venue that allows local Latino established artists to exhibit and sell their work, conduct workshops with fellow artists and mentor emerging artists. It is also in line with the mission of Rhode Island Latino Arts (RILA), it’s parent organization, which is to serve as a bridge between Latinos and non-Latinos.

La Galería is an artists collective that is built upon trust and mutual respect of all, and that strives to encourage support within the group. A primary goal is to educate and promote the Latino arts experience to segments of the population that otherwise might not have access to it.

We are interested in growing from our Latino roots and in building bridges within communities that will support and give our organization its vitality. We celebrate the diversity that is represented in the Latino community through the work of our artists and what is expressed in their art.

La Galería del Pueblo is an inter-generational place that welcomes members and guest artists that range in age from 6 to 80 years of age.

We provide regular programming such as artist talks, demonstrations or workshop activities for the community at-large.

Artists can apply to become Members/Partners in the gallery. Applications go through a juried process. There is a one-time $20 gallery fee for each artist that is selected to show his or her work. Download a copy of our guidelines here.

Gallery Location and Hours

La Galería del Pueblo | The Village Gallery
2154 Broad St.
Cranston, RI 02905

GALLERY HOURS: May 1-31, 2017

Thursdays 11AM-2PM
Fridays 11AM-2PM
Saturdays 11AM-4PM
Other days by appointment
(401) 486-9095

Consignment Information

How do you track my items? We inventory all your work upon drop off and maintain a computerized system. All consignors fill out a form that includes an itemized list at the time of consignment, and receive a sold merchandise report with their pay-out check.

How do I get paid for my SOLD items? Checks are picked up at the store the 5th day of the month for the previous month's sales. Consignor's can provide a SAS envelope with checks mail on the 10th of the month.

What do you do if my item is damaged in the store (fire, theft, breakage, etc.). We do not reimburse you for damage. We strongly recommend that you download and read our guidelines.

What is your consignment rate? Please download and read our guidelines.

Can I come and pick-up my item at any time? Do I have to pay a fee if I take my item out at any time before the agreed consignment period? No. Artists who have prints, stickers, cards, etc. may choose to remove and collect all your items at any time with at least five days notice. Visual art that is displayed on the walls, however, must remain there during the entirety of the scheduled exhibition dates. If a painting is sold, we will contact you as per the contract agreement.

Do you call me to come and pick-up unsold items? We do not call consignors to remind them; this is a partnership and we expect consignors to assume some of the responsibility for tracking their items.

Are there any yearly charges? We do not require a membership fee to have your items consigned at the La Galería del Pueblo, but if you choose to select one of our options written on the guidelines, we will adhere to that policy.

Download a copy of these Consignment Guidelines.

La Tienda | Gallery Shop

All exhibited works are for sale and we also sell art created by local Latino artists in our gallery, including note cards, post cards, books and more.

#BuyLocalRI — Take a look at some of our items below:
Hispanic Heritage vintage t-shirts - limited sizes ($10 ea.); Small prints created by Atabey Sánchez ($15 ea.); Notecards by Tamara Díaz ($10 ea.); Stickers by Tamara ($6 ea.); Mini Mexican Sombreros hand-made by a local artist ($15 ea.)
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Bilingual books, illustrated by Christina Rodriguez ($20 ea.); Latino History of Rhode Island book ($20 ea.).
Papél Picado
Fiesta Flags
Mini Piñatas
Papél Picado: This cut-out paper banner has 10 dangling designs, 13 feet long. The brightly colored tissue paper is hand cut. Available in three sizes: Mini ($4); Small ($6); Medium;($8).

Small Fiesta flags ($2 ea.) — Handmade (only six available). Mini Mexican Piñatas ($3.50 ea.) — Handmade from México. (only five available)
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