Jill Rios

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Jill RIos
Jill Rios

E-Mail: dulce.rios401@gmail.com

Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island with parents from Medellin, Colombia. As a child, she had a very broad interest in the arts. Self-taught, her parents noticed her create sculptures, sew clothes for her dolls, take photographs or paint.

It was during her days working for the Providence Public Library 9 years ago that she developed the artistry of the paint brush. What started as drawing coloring pages for the kids who visited the library, lead into her passion for painting.  Once she set focus on painting, her vision of the world changed. Simple objects or colors were no longer simple.  She tries to interpret this through her paintings.  

Pop culture, Manga, the bright bold colors that remind her of the trips to Colombia during her childhood, are the influences you will see that create the unique style in her work. She describes her paintings as "pages of a journal...there's a story behind each one of them".