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Creating the next generation of Latinx videographers

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LatinxCine is an initiative of Rhode Island Latino Arts. Heading up this program is Alberto Genao, a self-taught videographer/cinematographer born and raised in Providence, RI. The team also includes Kufa Castro, an artist and performer who has been an Artist-in-Residence at RILA for several years.

One of our goals with this initiative is to create the next generation of Latinx videographers by offering mentorships and a place to learn the basics of creating videos, editing, colorization, etc.

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2020 Projects

Sabor Latino | 2020

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2019 Projects

The videos on this page were created by Alberto Genao, RILA's Artist-in-Residence and professional cinematographer.
RILA receives partial funding from this and all our projects from these organizations and supporters:
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