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Let's Get Coffee

Marta interviewing Fefa 2016

30 Events in 30 Days: Starting in October

The phrase "Let's get coffee" is synonymous with having a conversation. Think of all the great ideas and insights that have come from a conversation over coffee. Having coffee with someone is so simple, yet has endless potential.

Nuestras Raíces | Looking Forward

30 Conversations in 30 Weeks | Tell Me Your Story

As founder of
Nuestras Raíces: The Latino Oral History Project of Rhode Island, I am on a mission: to connect today's youth — our future leaders — with elders, industry professionals (experts) in their field of interest, in thought-provoking, potentially life-changing conversations.

Imagine what could happen when people sit together for coffee and conversations that you've never before thought would be possible. It can start with a personal story, and lead to how your work or professional career have shaped who you are today. Think about how what you set out to do in your life and the path you took have led you to where you are today. And then how can your life experiences help lead a young life to shape and move toward their goals.

In the Fall of 2018, I am launching a series of weekly meaningful conversations over coffee that have the potential to spark life-changing ideas. I call these
"pláticas" | conversations, a movement to get people to sit in front of each other, make eye contact and just talk!

Everyone knows that mentorship is important. But the current model is usually limited to like-minded individuals within one's personal network. I would like to change that by bringing the traditional model of mentorship into the 21st century and making it possible for young people to reach their dreams by connecting them with adults who have knowledge to share — knowledge that we may never have imagined could influence one's future.

You'd be surprised how learning about what may seem different or does not make sense can change one's outlook on his or her future. Just as in the arts where dance, music and words come together to make one form of expression, so can acquiring and sharing best practices or knowledge in the sciences, the arts & humanities and business shape someone's future.

Starting on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 and for the 15 weeks thereafter, the hope is that a group of professionals can make a connection and then return for more, weekly or bi-weekly gatherings. If time or busy schedules do not allow for regular attendance, then skip a week and come back when time allows. But the purpose is that we build and create a strong chain by continuing these on-going gatherings.

For the next 15 gatherings in 2019, we will change our meetings to the early evening, to allow for young adults and youth to join us, and for informal mentorships to happen.

It's as simple as that. No strings attached.
Come once, come often. It's up to you.


Join me at La Galería del Pueblo @ Rhode Island Latino Arts in October and for 30 Wednesdays thereafter, where I will be hosting informal lunch-hour conversations open to all — professionals, educators, young adults or students seeking advice.

There is no fee to attend. Just bring a brown-bag lunch and I’ll supply the coffee.

Why 30 weeks? From 2018 to 2019, I am celebrating 30 years with Rhode Island Latino Arts and as founder of Nuestras Raíces. If we continue this chain beyond 30 conversations, that would be cool!

October 17 to December 19, 2018
Wednesdays: 11:30am — 1:00pm

January 17 - May 23, 2019
Third Thursday Monthly Meetings 11:30am — 1:00pm

June to September 2019

209 Central St. | Central Falls, RI 02863
Ample parking in the back lot of the building and also street parking available.

Contact: marta@rilatinoarts.org

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