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Café Recuerdos – Los Cubanos del Norte

I am working with Marta V. Martínez on a project that will feature the stories of Cuban immigrants in Rhode Island. Marta has asked me to do a visual art component and I'm honored to do it. I welcome the opportunity to connect with other Cubans in RI and New England.
The visual art project will center around coffee as a memory catalyst. I will be using Bustelo coffee cans, because the company was founded by Cuban exiles. The coffee cans will have portraits of Cubans who want to share their stories on them. They'll all be incorporated into a peddler's cart that can also be used as a functional temporary café.

To participate, please contact Marta or write a note on the comments section below. If you know anyone whom you feel should participate, please pass this information along to him or her.

The Latino Oral History Project of RI is project of RI Latino Arts. For more information, click here.

Now, do you take yours black, with cream, or con azúcar ... ?

—Ana Flores
Cuban Artist

-- Marta V. Martínez
Latino Oral History Project Director

Cafe Bustelo

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