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Latino Books Month round 2020

As many of you are aware, Latino Books Month is an initiative of Rhode Island Latino Arts where we promote literacy among Latinos through the celebration of Latino authors, illustrators and books that highlight Latino culture and Latin American identity.

We as Latinos have a very significant impact on the books we purchase. If we don’t buy books by Latino authors perhaps it's because we don’t know who is getting published. It's also because the books put before us as children are not written by Latino authors and do not reflect our stories as we know them.

The truth is that we as Latinos are an audience that is hungry for our stories; those written by the diverse people that live them. And, we have a responsibility to support Latino authors economically because when we do, we also support them emotionally and are all reminded that we are familia.

Our stories are out there, we just need to seek them out. We also need to tell them. Because once we do, telling our stories to our friends and colleagues will make a difference.
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