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Suumer Art Camp

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*TEATRO CAMP is full*
4 weeks / 3 days per week / Monday Tuesday Wednesday / 12:30-3pm
Location: Museo del Barrio | PVD - RILA’s Urban Gallery
Address: Southside Cultural Center 393 Broad St. Providence 02907
Prerequisites: Students must be between 13-16 years of age. Must have strong interest in visual art and/or a beginning artist i.e. drawing, sketching, painting, doodling, etc.
Maximum: 10 students
Type: In person/On Site
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: 1:00PM to 4:00PM (drop off 12:45) Total Hours: 30
Dates July 10 to August 1, 2024

Tuition Fee non-credit: $150/week (must sign up for at least two weeks)
Material/Supplies Fee: $150.00 (Included with registration fee)
Necessary Supplies: All necessary materials and supplies will be provided for this course.
Instructor: Gabriel Rojas

Notes: Gabriel is bilingual (Spanish-English). The location is fully wheelchair accessible.
This camp will include a 45-minutes Barrio Tour of Broad Street, led by RILA’s Executive Director (Parents are welcome to attend). When scheduled, students must bring comfortable walking shoes. We will provide sunscreen. The final day will include a presentation and open house hosted by the student artists.
Session: Drawing Expanded
This class will introduce and expand students knowledge of the fundamentals of drawing and visual thinking through the act of drawing. This class focuses on drawing as a core component of visual expression as well as expanding drawing into other media and techniques. Students will gain knowledge and experience in a variety of approaches, ranging from observational to experimental drawing so that they can have more tools to express themselves. 
Gabriel's instructional approach is based on mutual understanding and one that acknowledges and celebrates each student’s diverse background and unique needs. The curriculum is organized in a way that encourages students to not only realize their own personalized vision, but that also integrates group projects to promote community building and encouraging collaborative creative growth. 
Alongside instructional classes, students will create a personal drawing project of their own using learned techniques from weeks 1-3. We will also be working on a group project throughout the four weeks that will be used as a mural design or installation artwork. 
Group Project: 
A textile tapestry / quilt inspired collage that blends imagery from the students’ culture and personal histories with abstract patterning and color inspired by their surroundings. 
• Week 1: 
The focus will be on creative brainstorming. We will have group and individual meetings to discuss personal interests, students will fill out questionnaires and journal to explore themes they are interested in. We will also do group collaborative art games to help students develop intuition and subconscious based skills for artmaking. 
Ex. Exquisite corpse game / Group story building game
• Week 2: 
The focus will be on introducing basic drawing fundamentals. We will learn techniques of value/shading, proportion/measurement, line to create form. We will draw from observation, using various sources such as still life, landscape, nature, interiors, imagination, etc.
• Week 3: 
The focus will be on exploring different drawing application techniques (mark making and mixed media) to build form and depth and developing your own personal style. We will learn various graphite, color and mixed media techniques. We will learn about stenciling, masking, collaging, etc to create shapes and how to use and layer colors.
• Week 4: 
The focus will be on finalizing personal work using learned methods from week 1-3 and to working collaboratively on the group project. 
*NOTE: Every Thursday will be dedicated to working collaboratively on the group project.

Scholarships available for those who qualify. Please send inquiries to this link

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