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Rhode Island Latino Arts (RILA) is a major source of information on Latino arts, culture and history in Rhode Island. It is managed by a small staff of two, plus volunteers. Most of our programs and activities are offered free of charge.

Here at a number of arts groups and venues share information about their events on the RILA arts calendar. This is a free, online calendar that lists and showcases art and culture-related activities in Rhode Island.

This site also hosts the RI Latino Artists Directory and Speakers Bureau, the Latino Artists Network Blog and the Latino Heritage Month calendar of events ( There is no charge to participate in our forums or to post your events.

We manage La Galería del Pueblo, Rhode Island’s only Latino non-profit gallery and cultural hub. You may designate a donation to support the gallery.

RILatino Arts also connects you to, Rhode Island’s first oral history project that celebrates the stories of our Latino pioneers.

Support the work of this volunteer group. Make a donation and ensure that this unique arts coverage can continue to help enrich countless lives. When you support RILA and the HHCRI, you support Latino artists along with Latino art, culture and history in Rhode Island.

State Employee Charitable Appeal (SECA)

If you are a state or federal employee, consider making RI Latino Arts one of your donor fund charities. If your agency participates in the United Way campaign, please consider making us your monthly donor choice.

Is my SECA pledge tax deductible?

Pledges to the SECA Campaign represent contributions for which no goods or services will be received. In order to ensure that you have the necessary documentation to deduct your contributions to the full extent of the law, donors paying by check whose 2015 contribution exceeds $250 will be issued a written receipt upon request to the SECA Director. Donors giving through payroll deduction should retain their brochure and their year-end pay stub showing the total deducted.

Click on the button ➤➤➤
to donate by credit card. You can also mail a check made payable to:

RI Latino Arts
PO Box 25118
Providence, RI 02905

If you wish to donate to La Galería del Pueblo, please write “La Galería” on the bottom of your check.

RILA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Your donation will help us continue offering free community arts programs.
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You can also pledge through the United Way
Rhode Island Latino Arts
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Become a sponsor or Friend of La Galéria. Click here and contribute today and help us keep our doors open!

Thank You • Gracias to our sponsors, supporters and national partners:

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