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Café Recuerdos

Café Recuerdos IG Dec 2022

Café Recuerdos | Monthly bilingual pláticas / conversations
Coming up in July, we will be moving to a new location and day of the week

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Fiambres Paisas


Fiambres look like tamales, but are better described as bandeja Paisas wrapped in a banana leaf.

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Latino Books Committee Seeking New Members

Latino Books Committee May 2022

Rhode Island Latino Arts and The Rhode Island Latino Books Award (RILBA) Committee is seeking new members to serve a 2-year term beginning September 2023. Each year, the RILBA committee selects the nominees for grades kindergarten through 12th for the award. Rhode Island students are encouraged to read from the booklist and vote for their favorite book.

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Our Statement on Banned Books

Latino Books webphoto 2023

RILA's Board of Directors, Staff, the Latino Books Award Committee issue the following statement regarding attempts to remove materials from schools and libraries that focus on LGBTQIA+ issues and books written by Latino authors or that document the Latino experience or the experiences of other communities of color:

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Memory Cart | Art Installation


The original Café Recuerdos art installation created by artist Ana Flores, will be on display on Broad Street from April 15 to August 31, 2023.

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Tamales Criollos

Tamales Criollos-1

Tamales Criollos — they're only one variation of tamales from Perú. Learn to make them and enjoy a cooking circle filled with conversation.

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Telling Our Stories

Nuestras Raices Twitter square-1
Why is it important for Latinx people of color to produce and share stories that are not often found in our schools, museums or other public places.

A conversation facilitated by Marta V. Martínez

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Domino Drop-In Friday

How to Play Dominos IG

We would like to open up our space at La Galería for community-centered bilingual gatherings each Friday.

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A Call for Teaching Visual Artists | Spring 2023

Call for Artists Spring 2023

We are looking for Teaching Visual Artist to work with youth at Providence Recreation Centers After-School Program from April 17-June 2, 2023.

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Sussy Santana

We would like to welcome Sussy Santana as RILA's 2023 Poet-in-Residence. Read More ...