Actor, director, writer, adaptor and more
<em> Marcel </em>Mascaró
<em> Marcel </em>Mascaró
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Marcel Mascaró

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Special Skills:
Languages / Dialects: Fluent Spanish, Semi Fluent French / Rp & Cockney, Cuban, Mexican, General Latin accent, Spanish(from Spain), South African.
Note: Confident in IPA can learn any accent with time.

Movement: Hand to hand stage combat, rapier / dagger, viewpoints / ballet / jazz / modern and contact improv and of course Yoga

Other: U.S Passport available/Can grow a beard quickly

Brown/Trinity Rep - Acting MFA (2015-2018)
Acting: Brian McEleney, Stephen Berenson, Anne Scurria
Voice: Thom Jones, Angela Brazil
Movement: Shura Baryshnikov, Jude Sandy
Directing: Brian Mertes, Kimberly Senior, Joanna Settle

SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory - Acting BFA (2009-2013)
Acting: Dean Irby, Christopher MCcaan, David Gideon, Charles Tuthill
Voice: Pamela Prather,David Wells
Speech: Leigh Dillon
Dance/Movement: Jill Echo, Ronni Stewart
Acting for the Camera: Rosalyn Coleman
Improvisation: Trey Lyford, Frank Deal
Stage Combat: J. Allen Suddeth
Lecoq/Clowning/Comedia: Richard Crawford

New World School of the Arts - Acting (2004-2008)
Period Movement: James Randolph
View Points: Michael Yawney Performance Art: Octavio Campos
I am a Theatrical Artist. I am an actor, director, writer, adaptor, translator, researcher and educator as it relates to theatre and performance. My main experience has been as an Actor (MFA+BFA) but my path has always been to explore and invest in all kinds of Theatre that believe in creating and teaching others to create full breathing worlds out of nothing (except maybe some text and some humble supplies). I believe in making Theatre out of very little and investing in the source material and the bodies responsible with bringing a story to life.

As an educator I can offer both private and group insight on various acting techniques such as Meisner, The Method and Stella Adler. As well as Dramatic Structure, Scene Analysis, Character work, Improv and much more.

I also provide dialect & accent coaching in both english and spanish, for productions and private clients. I am also fluent in the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) which is a technique used to work on and teach accents as well as how to reduce them.

As a teacher, I firmly believe in coming in prepared as well as being able to throw it out the window if the students require something else. The best lessons in life is when I have thrown away a plan or fused my plan to also meet the rising needs of the student body that given day.

I feel my experience as an actor and as a director has made me a very a patient and excellent listener while being an educator has taught me how to act accordingly and responsively to any change within a situation with lighting speed.

My work as a theatrical artist can also be defined by who I am as a person. I am Cuban, an immigrant and non binary, which means I am not a man nor am I a woman, but all of that and none of that.

As a Theatrical Artist I am interested in contradictions, change, social justice, truth, immigrants, refugees, politics,representation, complexity, intersectionality, radical accountability, pai, love and patience.